Mitis is a high-tech start-up developing unique, flameless combustion microturbines for energy conversion. The microturbine is disruptive due to the flameless nature of the combustion – it produces incredibly low emissions, while offering industry leading fuel-flexibility. Mitis holds a number of patents on the technology and its applications.


Mitis was incorporated in 2009, with business activities starting in 2013. In 2020 Mitis secured Horizon 2020 funding from the EU enabling Mitis to ramp up development of the microturbine towards industrialisation and market introduction.


Mitis is based in Liege, Belgium. Mitis operates research and development offices and a production facility from this single location allowing our engineers to work side-by-side with the manufacturing team. Mitis will begin distributing its products in western Europe and will expand over the coming years.


At Mitis we are a diverse group of talented individuals collectively driven by our mission to reduce emissions. We act like a family, having each other’s backs and supporting each other through the challenges that present themselves.


Mitis is built around three core values:
1. Bravery - To be brave as a company, we must be brave as a team working together side by side. Voice your ideas, change things for the better.
2. Sustainability - We must drive the energy transition away from fossil fuels. We need your help to achieve it.
3. Honesty - We will be honest with you. We expect the same from you. Integrity and honesty go hand in hand.


Our mission is to provide immediate and drastic emission reductions during energy conversion. We are motivated by this goal and we believe our technology has the potential to make real tangible differences.

notable events



Michel Delanaye founds Mitis, securing seed funding from Wallonia and private equity to develop our emission reducing technology.


1st patent

Mitis secures its first patent on its micro-channel recuperator. The design optimizes efficiency while minimizing pressure losses and providing low cost for manufacturing.



EIC Funding

Mitis secures a major funding agreement through the European Innovation Council's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme under grant agreement number 946903.



2nd patent

Mitis secures its second patent, this time on its flameless combustion method. This is crucial for minimizing emissions and enabling our multi-fuel capability.



solar impulse

Mitis was awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label for our micro-turbine technology.


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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 946903.

The European Regional Development Fund and Wallonia invest in your future.

Learn more about Mitis' funded projects.
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